Our Vision

When I first walked through the doors of the City of Hope in the Fall of 2016, with Sheryl by my side, it didn’t take long to gain the feeling of unity.


From the very beginning it was clear that patients, family members, friends and caregivers were moving as one as we reached the destinations where highly skilled and dedicated members of the City of Hope awaited.


Sheryl and I could clearly see the care that was being given. The question was just as clear: how do we help to give back.


And thus as the year of 2016 was ending and 2017 was beginning we began planning  for a celebrity golf tournament to benefit the City of Hope.


The launch and ultimate success of our two events was not possible without the amazing support of so many people; people who truly care about helping others who walk through the doors of the City of Hope.


It takes support and it takes a team to fight the battle against cancer. It is not a one person or onetime battle.


Sheryl and I have been blessed with a great team at the City of Hope. Not just our team; but one of many COH teams formed by skilled and dedicated professionals.


The City of Hope will continue to make an impact on people’s lives with ongoing research and we are forever grateful for the support of so many who contributed to our golf tournaments that have raised nearly a half million dollars.


All proceeds continue to benefit the City of Hope’s thyroid and head and neck cancer programs.

From the Press

Orange County Register


“Fred Claire, Rod Carew turn cancer charity into baseball family affair.”

Los Angeles Time


“Los Angeles Angels legend Rod Carew to be celebrated at tournament.”

Daily News


“Fred Claire is joined by sports legends to benefit City of Hope.”

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