Tommy Lasorda ~  

2018 Celebration of Life Award Recipient

We were honored to present the 2018 Celebration of Life Award to Tommy this year.

Tommy’s ongoing involvement with so many great causes and charities is a tribute to him. Proceeds from last year’s event were designated for the head and neck cancer area but this year the funds have been divided with the thyroid cancer program in recognition of the late baseball executive Kevin Towers.

Tommy Lasorda

Tommy's ability to speak to motivation, leadership, loyalty, team building and his love for this great country are rivaled by none. Tommy incorporates personal anecdotes that make the audience roar in laughter, cry and feel like they are in the locker room while riveted on this American Icon. Lasorda says "there are times when everyone in this country needs to be motivated...from the President of the United States on down to the working person on the street". He has led his teams to World Series Championships and Olympic Gold by getting his players to believe they're the best and motivates them to beat the competition. Like Van Gogh, this Hall of Famer, will paint a canvas through his words that will leave you with a lifetime of inspiration and memories.....the evening of August 20th is sure to be memorable for all.

2017 Celebration of Life Award ~ Rod Carew

A highlight of the dinner at the first Fred Claire Celebrity Golf Tournament was the presentation of the Celebration of Life Award to Hall of Fame baseball player Rod Carew.


“We wanted to salute someone who has done so much to help others,” said Claire. “Rod was and is the perfect person.”


Carew was on a golf course when his heart gave out in September 2015. If the heart attack had struck when Carew was even two holes into his round, he believes he might not have made it. But Carew was on the first hole, by himself, when another golfer found the baseball great fighting for his life. The quick response saved him. So did Konrad Reuland. A football player at Stanford and the NFL, Reuland suffered a brain aneurysm at age 29 that claimed his life. Reuland was a registered organ donor, and his heart went to Carew. The transplant took place in December of 2016.

“The first thing I said to (my wife) Rhonda when I got out of intensive care was ‘honey, we’ve got a lot of work to do.’ And that work entails trying to go out, spread the word, talk to people, get your hearts checked, eat right, take care of your body,” Carew said. “That was the most important thing because I think my friend upstairs gave me another opportunity to continue his work.”

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